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Backpacking Through the "Red Zone" of Colombia

2020.06.20 07:06 galego89 Backpacking Through the "Red Zone" of Colombia

Through the Zona Roja of Colombia:

“Go back to Ecuador. Colombia is not safe at this time,” urged the mayor of Ipiales, a dusty Andean border town between Ecuador and Colombia, to a group of stranded foreigners gathered at the bus terminal. I had arrived in Colombia earlier this morning, after having traveled for a month up and out of the Amazon Basin and into the Andes. As I was crossing the border, peasants were teaming up with the FARC to shut down major highways and had taken to the streets to protest a NAFTA agreement that would allow genetically-modified crops from the US to enter Colombia.
There were rumors that the protests would quickly lose steam or be quelled; I waited in Ipiales for days for bus travel to resume. Instead of easing up, each day the strike intensified, and violent incidents across Colombia increased. My prospects of reaching the city of Cali, my next stopping point, became less and less likely. There was a tiny airport in Ipiales, but I was broke and flights were exorbitantly expensive given the number of people now scrambling to leave the region. Truth be told, there was another, vainer reason I was reluctant to grab a flight: I was on a mission to complete my return home—at the time, located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.—from South America without air travel.
This resolution arose after meeting perhaps the scrappiest backpacker in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. Benjamin, a skinny Frenchman with monk-like tranquility, was either a lost soul or a born nomad. We met while traveling on a cargo ship sailing from Manaus to the tri-border of Peru, Colombia, and Brazil (a.k.a. the ‘Amazonian Dog Head’ for its shape on the map), and we bonded over the long, monotonous days of river travel. Benjamin had been wandering the world for years, with no money except for the coins he earned busking on street corners, plazas, and open-air markets with a beat-up old guitar.
After working for years as an engineer, Benjamin decided that it was time for some adventure. Quitting his job and selling his possessions, he bought a one-way plane ticket to Vietnam and decided to backpack indefinitely, busking wherever he went and maintaining the goal of eventually seeing the entire world. He didn’t care how long it would take; at the time of our meeting, he had already been on the road for over four years and felt no compulsion to return to Paris to check on his former life. Hitchhiking, walking, hopping ships and trains, and free camping in cities and the wilderness, Benjamin tramped through South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and now Latin America—all without taking any flights after the initial one from France to Asia. He had managed to cross the Atlantic while working in a kitchen on a ship, employing his French knack for cooking.
Sinewy and small, his underfed appearance, olive skin tone, and old, ragged clothes allowed him to pass through just about anywhere without drawing attention to himself. He was fluent in English, French, and German; he had learned basic Vietnamese and was now rapidly picking up Spanish and Portuguese. Swapping stories on the river, hearing Benjamin’s tales convinced me that this style of travel, without itineraries and with only the money you earn on the road, allowed for truly profound adventure to unfold. By the time we parted ways in the middle of the jungle, Benjamin had inspired me.
Back in Southern Colombia, I waited a solid week for the roads to open, but the strike only intensified. Law and order began to deteriorate in Ipiales and I wanted out. The entire police force had been summoned to monitor the protests and roadblocks in the countryside, and without cops, criminals assumed free reign on the streets. Muggings in broad daylight proliferated, and I was warned against even leaving the premises of the run-down hotel in which I was staying. Cut off from the highways leading out of the city, food became scarce in Ipiales; markets and bakeries boarded up their doors and windows out of fear of looters. To make matters worse for me in particular, the protests were explicitly anti-US, decrying a free-trade agreement that America had effectively jammed down Colombia’s throat. Anti-American messages were graffitied across the city.
A week in locked-down in Ipiales seemed an eternity. Hungry and unable to safely leave my hotel, I decided to cut my losses and backtrack to Ecuador. This meant abandoning the grand plan of returning home overland, but I saw no other sane option. It was a 45-minute taxi ride to the Ecuadorian border, and even traversing this distance was becoming more dangerous by the day. With my bag packed and a taxi summoned, I went to bid farewell to a clique of caleños, folks from Cali, I had befriended in the hotel. As I knocked on one of their doors, a woman frantically opened it and summoned me inside. She was in a mad rush to pack her bags and demanded that I cancel my taxi immediately.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“The military opened the highway in Pasto, the next city from here. If we get there by nightfall, we can catch a bus to Cali. We can be there by tomorrow morning! We are going to grab a taxi to the roadblock, ask the protestors permission to pass through on foot, and then hitch another ride to Pasto. If we stay here in Ipiales, we could be stranded for weeks at the rate that protests are intensifying. Are you coming with us?” Pasto was the capital of the province of Nariño, and looking at the map, it seemed a long distance from Ipiales.
Outside the taxi honked, and I rapidly weighed my options. Two relevant conversations whizzed through my mind. The first was with a police officer the day before. I had asked him if hitchhiking around the protests was possible; without hesitation, he informed me that this idea was extremely foolhardy, especially coming from a blonde foreigner with shitty Spanish. The second conversation was with another guy from the group from Cali in my hotel. Alex, a body-builder returning to Cali after working in Chile, thought that the highway would be clear after Pasto and proposed to his friends that they trek to the roadblock and simply walk through it. The agitators were blocking vehicles but might allow foot traffic. He sensed that we could be stuck waiting in Ipiales indefinitely and wanted to move sooner rather than later.
Desperate to get out of dodge, I asked Alex if I could join their impromptu foot-caravan. He looked at me with mixed pity and amusement and shook his head. “No, no, papito. If they see you out there on the road…” He did not need to finish the sentence.
As I stood and ran through the scenarios in my mind, the caleña woman assured me again that we would be in Cali by the next day. But we had to leave now, she insisted. There was no time to waste if we hoped to reach Pasto before dark. With my adrenaline already kicking in, I agreed to go. We met Alex outside of the hotel, standing with four others. He had apparently forgotten his refusal to allow me to walk with them.
With Alex in the lead, we trekked to the outskirts of Ipiales, where a local kid with a truck was ferrying people to the roadblock for a small sum of pesos. Waiting to hop in the truck bed, I noticed that the other passengers carried thick wooden sticks, simultaneously symbolizing solidarity with the protest and serving as a crude weapon. Some carried heavy metal pipes instead of wooden staffs.
We drove through the chilly Andean roads until we reached the protest zone. I naively had imagined the roadblock to be small and discrete—nothing more than a small group guarding a barricade. Instead, there was an army of indigenous campesinos, encamped for miles and miles on the highway and placing whatever they could across it to block traffic. As we walked through the protest zone, we were forced to climb over felled trees, severed guardrails, and metal dumpsters that had been thrown across the road.
We walked for hours and still did not reach the end of the occupying protestors. They had been camping here for days and had even erected mess tents and medical stations every few miles. The region’s Andean indigenous flag flew alongside banners denouncing the Colombian government and US imported crops (“Here, it will always be a ‘papa’, never a ‘potato’!”). Our small brigade was comprised of three black Colombians from Cali and one unmistakable gringo; as we entered the masses, murmurs and icy stares followed. Occasionally, somebody threw something at us. Alex’s imposing physique, towering over everyone, seemed to be the only deterrent against more direct aggression.
Trekking up mountain roads with no end in sight, dusk arrived. Pasto was still very far away—hours by car to put it in perspective—and it was becoming painfully obvious how misguided we had been to think we could reach the city by nightfall. Around sunset, we passed a cluster of houses next to the road and an elderly couple sitting outside of their house called us over.
“Are you walking to Pasto?” They asked us as we passed.
“Yes,” Alex said.
“You better stop in this town before you go any further. If you walk this road at night, you will most certainly get assaulted. Find Father Miguel in the church. He is giving mass tonight and will help you.”
We thanked them and walked down from the highway to the central plaza of a tiny—and surprisingly pretty—Andean village. We easily found the town’s church, the only large structure around, and Father Miguel greeted us at the door. He already knew that we were traveling to Pasto and invited us inside to the vestibule. In a few minutes, a young nun arrived with steaming hot coffee and soup. I had not eaten since that morning in Ipiales, and after walking for miles on end, the arepas, chicken soup, and avocado might as well have been a Michelin Star meal. Father Miguel agreed to let us sleep on the floor of the church, under the condition that we attended mass that evening.
The next morning found us back on the road to Pasto at the crack of dawn, climbing and descending misty roads hemmed in by trellised slopes of tree tomato, scarlet quinoa flowers, and citrus trees. After hours of walking on an empty stomach, we smelled fresh coffee from a cottage nestled by the road. Alex knocked on the door and asked the elderly lady who answered if we could buy breakfast. The family, Indigenous Andeans living in a cottage with a dirt floor, served us a glorious spread of coffee, hot bread, fresh fruit, and mountain butter. As their wood-burning stove smoldered in the single-roomed home, I felt something scurry across my feet. I recoiled and knocked my cup over; the Colombians laughed hysterically. The lady of the house explained that what had brushed my feet was not a rat, just one of their guinea pigs that they were fattening up to slaughter.
The walk continued until the late afternoon. We passed roadblocks every couple hours, and Alex would explain to the guards that we had been stranded in Ipiales and were hitchhiking to Cali. I was instructed to keep my mouth shut under all circumstances during these moments. Some men at the barricades wore bandanas around their faces, with only a slit to reveal their eyes. Instead of wooden sticks, they carried machetes or metal rebar. I wore a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover my face, and Alex carried my large travel backpack to deflect attention.
The trip to Pasto had taken twice as long as I had expected, and my beat-up sneakers blistered my feet to raw meat. As we arrived at the outskirts of Pasto, the protestors had again gathered into an army as they had outside of Ipiales. Even from afar, Pasto looked ominous, with street fires smoldering and herds of rowdy protestors occupying the roads. We had to find Pasto’s bus terminal, praying that there would be open routes to the north, the direction of Cali. As we entered the city, a gang of kids directly in front of us was trying to smash the windows of a moving car. Alex held out his hand to halt us and, luckily, the kids did not turn around. As we stood motionless, one of the kids, probably about 16 years old, bent down to sharpen a makeshift knife on the street curb. When he was satisfied, he jumped up and darted to catch his friends, still pursuing the car. I saw Alex’s hand reach down to a cargo pocket on his jeans; he had stolen a kitchen knife from the church’s kitchen the previous night.
We arrived at the bus station and were informed that there were no buses leaving Pasto. Period. The roads ahead were too dangerous, and no bus company would assume the risk of travel. There was a rumor that a solitary bus might leave the following morning, and we waited in the terminal the entire night on this hope. The next morning, we were informed that no such bus would in fact depart. Pasto was visibly more volatile than Ipiales, and I was nervous about the prospects of staying.
Around 6 am somebody whispered that a bus pirata (pirate bus) a couple of blocks away from the station was leaving for Popayan, a city en route to Cali, in the next few minutes. Alex and the others ran to grab a seat and told me that I better go with them. Neither the bus, ancient and painted with colorful designs, nor the driver was affiliated with any official bus line—it was just some civilian who happened to own a bus and saw a business opportunity. The vehicle was packed to the brim, but every voice hushed as I walked on board. Somebody broke the silence and loudly made a joke that as a gringo, full of dollars, I should pay every passenger’s fare. Acknowledging the shout out, I countered that as a guest in Colombia, they all should be chipping in to pay my fare; plus, they should also supply me with beer for the long ride ahead. They ate it up and immediately relaxed their tone towards me.
Tearing up country roads on the pirate bus, the atmosphere was celebratory. Somebody passed around a bottle of aguardiente and the driver blasted Caleño salsa. I had not slept in days, and I realized how exhausted I was. I thought the chaos was behind me, and I let myself relax and feel relief. The Andean countryside was utterly mesmerizing. Smiling, I thought of how much fun I would have in Cali after all of this shit. The respite was only for a fleeting moment.
About halfway to Popayan, high in the mountains, we were stopped at a military checkpoint in yet another dusty village. Soldiers, blocking our way on the road, summoned the driver out the bus. When he returned, he informed us that there were guerrilla groups directly ahead. We could drive no further. Even though he had only completed half of the promised journey, the driver initially refused to refund any of the fares. He changed his mind as the passengers began to form an angry mob.
Fear began to course through my body as I registered what I had just heard: I was in the ‘zona roja’, Guerilla-controlled territory. My presence was already causing a stir among bystanders outside the bus. The town was dusty and ugly; something in the air just smelled of desperation. An old man sitting nearby in front of a store began to eyeball me—it didn’t seem like benign curiosity. Ahead possibly lay the FARC, a terrorist organization internationally notorious for their murders and kidnappings, oftentimes of foreigners from rich countries.
I and the caleños huddled around Alex, our de facto leader, and discussed how to proceed. The woman who had initially encouraged me to hitchhike, visibly starting to panic, now suggested that I try to find lodging in this town and wait it out. Sure, I thought, I’ll just find a nice hostel in a fucking guerrilla-controlled village. Wow, thanks for advising me to join you…
The chatter continued: Perhaps the military would dismantle the guerrilla roadblock and highway travel would resume. It could happen tonight. But it also could be several more days of waiting. I had been ingesting this false hope of the military opening the roads over and over again for the past week. Now, in the zone roja, it did not seem any more likely than it did before. I knew one thing for certain: separating myself from the group was not a good idea.
Some other men from the bus pirata came over to join us*.* Alex kept looking over at me; there was palpable concern written on his face. He turned to me and explained the situation: the whispers that the roadblock ahead was controlled by an armed guerrilla group, maybe the FARC, were true. This meant that it was far more dangerous than the previous roadblocks. On the other hand, people were saying that Popayan was easily accessible after the roadblock. It was also confirmed that buses were running from Popayan to Cali. This time it actually seemed plausible that we could be in Cali by the next day. With a pained look, Alex told me that he was going with a group of other passengers from the bus pirata to ask permission from the guerilleros to walk through the roadblock. The other caleños one by one decided that they would also go to the roadblock. All eyes fell on me.
“Johnny, I don’t know how to say this…This is more dangerous for you than for anyone else. If you want to come, I will do my best to keep you safe, but understand the risk you are taking.”
I was not going to stay put in this village; just no fucking way. “I’m going too,” I affirmed.
“Ok. You are to hide in the middle of the group while we talk to the guerrilleros. Do not under any circumstances let yourself fall behind the group. Do not open your mouth at the roadblock. Keep wearing my cap to cover your face. I will carry your backpack again.”
The worst thing that I could have broadcasted was that I was from the US, so I pretended to be Brazilian. It helped that I spoke a Spanish-Portuguese hybrid, wore a ragged São Paulo soccer jersey, and that plenty of Brazilians were blonde-haired. There was a young woman from Medellín from the pirate bus who was now with us. We had become friends, and she agreed to pretend to be my Colombian fiancé. My cover was as follows: I was a Brazilian national who had met a woman from Medellín while on vacation in Colombia; we were returning to her hometown to get married. As before, we found a local who was taxiing travelers to the roadblock, and we were off.
Several months prior while in Amazonia, I had purchased a quantity of pure guaraná, a stimulant herb used by indigenous warriors before battle. I was saving it for workouts, but this seemed like the ideal time to take it. Mixing copious amounts of the powder in a water bottle, I downed the muddy brown potion. Within minutes, my heart was pounding like a large drum, my fingertips were tingling with electricity, and my mind sharpened itself into combat mode. Suddenly, I could understand Spanish more easily than I ever had in my life. What before had been an incomprehensible caleño accent, was now as clear as mid-Atlantic English. The world around me moved in slow motion.
In a packed truck bed heading for the final roadblock, I prayed on a small rosary a young girl in Brazil, a former student of mine, had given me almost a year prior. I had kept it in my pocket all through my travels, and I thought it kept me safe. After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at the roadblock, an imposing metal barricade erected across the highway and guarded by armed men with covered faces. These were not the peasant campesinos with sticks and machetes from the previous days; these were trained guerrilla rebels with automatic rifles.
As we descended from the truck, a young guerrillero quickly appeared and demanded to know where we were going. Alex explained how we had been stranded on the southern border in Ipiales and had been hitchhiking for days to reach Cali. The young man seemed wary, and he kept asking politically charged questions:
“Do you understand why we are in revolt?”
Alex answered in the affirmative.
“Do you sympathize with the strike?”
Alex agreed. “Of course. The president is an hijueputa!” Calling President Santos a son-of-a-bitch actually seemed to win the young man over.
The guerrillero launched into an enumeration of the crimes and injustices that the Colombian government had committed against the campesinos, and explained that the recent free-trade agreement had been the last straw for them. They were too poor to feed their children, and, after peaceful petitions had failed, they had no choice but to resort to bold action to force the government to hear them.
Finally, the guerrillero asked if we had seen any military personal on the road from the town we had just left. I remembered seeing soldiers on the road; there was definitely military personnel headed in this direction. Alex, for some reason unknown to me, responded that we had not seen any military at all. The guerrillero’s next statement made my stomach contract:
“We cannot let you continue.”
Alex looked down and said nothing.
The young man continued. “The military shot one of our comrades yesterday.” A sound of angry disbelief rose from our group. “In retaliation, we have arranged an ambush here. You cannot be on the road.” They knew the military was coming for them and had laced the highway ahead with improvised explosive devices and hidden snipers. The road in front of us would become a war zone in the next few hours.
Nobody knew what to say. The young man turned surprisingly sympathetic, and he suggested that we find the town’s schoolhouse, where we might be able to shelter ourselves from the upcoming firefight. He gave us the name of the schoolmaster and advised us to ask permission to wait in the gated schoolyard.
We were granted permission and sheltered ourselves in the school. For hours, we listened in silence to what was happening outside. There were about 20 of us from the bus ride. What seemed like an eternity passed and nothing happened. Then, everything started all at once: the staccato chunking noise of automatic rifles; the boom of bombs exploding on the road; and finally, panicked human voices shouting. There was a Peruvian girl with me in the schoolyard, the only other non-Colombian, and we had bonded on the pirate bus. As the firefight started outside, she started hyperventilating and crying.
It was already late afternoon, and there was concern that the fighting would continue through the night and that we would not be safe in the schoolyard for much longer. A man suggested that we make for the hills and try to scramble through the countryside around the fighting. Alex opposed this suggestion, and the two men argued for several minutes, with the rest of the group divided over what to do. Suddenly we saw the flashes of guns and explosions in the hills exactly where the man had proposed that we go. If we had gone for the hills, we would have been right in the crossfire.
We hunkered down in the schoolyard for several more hours. There was a period of silence, and, dehydrated, I decided to risk going outside to find something to drink. The woman who was pretending to be my wife went with me. Within minutes of leaving the schoolyard, the shooting started again. This time it sounded like it was right on top of me; I felt the air around me reverberate with gunfire. My brainstem registered mortal danger, and my mind went completely blank. Without awareness of what I was doing, I sprinted away from the sound of the guns, seeking anything on side of the road that would serve as a bunker. I grabbed the woman’s arm so hard that she yelled. I had nearly ripped it out of the socket as I pulled her and ran.
Behind the cover of a large tree, I waited for another period of silence. I did not know if it was more dangerous to run or walk back to the schoolyard, but I finally returned. After sunset, the battle was over. The Colombians agreed that it was safe to seek somewhere to sleep. We found a local family who offered us room and board, and seven of us slept in a tiny, unfinished room connected to their cottage. I had a hammock and ropes from Amazonia, and I gave them to the woman from Medellin to use while I slept on the ground.
Guerrilla fighters, who had thwarted the military advancement, walked on the road right outside our room. I could see their faces; they were grinning. I was told not to go outside the room for any reason, even to piss or get water. Adrenaline was still coursing through my body, and sleep was impossible. As we lay on the floor, the conversation between Alex and me evolved from recounting the events of the past few days to a more light-hearted discourse on soccer and Colombian women. Before long, we were laughing about the incredible ordeal we had just survived.
"This is Colombia, my friend.” Said Alex. “Outside hell is breaking loose, but here we are having fun, bullshitting, and talking about women.”
There was calm the next day, and the road was clear enough to hitchhike to Popayan. Walking on the highway where the fighting had been, I saw bombshells and bullet casings scattered on the asphalt. Immediately outside of the town, the carcass of an 18-wheeler truck lay torched in the middle of the highway, gutted and burnt to a black crisp. The truck had likely been transporting the hated GMO crops, and the rebels had seized it and set it aflame. The equatorial valleys here were sunny and breezy, with rolling hills and lush farmland. If it had not been for the sights and smells of the previous day’s combat, it would have been a surreally beautiful hike.
After a series of rides, we arrived in Popayan, the ‘White City’ of Colonial Gran Colombia. The strike had not affected this region significantly, and there were buses running to Cali, also relatively immune from the chaos of the strike. I was planning to use the Couchsurfing website to find lodging in Cali, but the woman from the hotel in Ipiales told me I was welcome to stay in her family’s home as long as I wanted.
Seated in the bus station in Popayan with a ticket to Cali in my hand, the most intense relief I have ever felt in my life overcame me. I had not felt safe in such a long time, and registering what was behind me induced a strange euphoria. Pure gratefulness and relief were all I felt. I wanted to call my family, but I had no idea how to tell them what had happened.
After a long bus ride through sugar cane fields and sun-drenched valleys, we reached Cali, which might as well have been El Dorado. I did not know what to say to the people who had protected me over the last few days. The stress we had endured together had bonded us profoundly, yet less than two weeks ago, we were strangers. We said our goodbyes and hugged, and an emotion arose that made me want to either cry or laugh. I thanked Alex last, hoping that he understood how grateful I was for what he had done for me.
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DJ Taz – Cotele Guarachero [DJ Tazz Onthemix Remix 2K19] 9A 132 DJ Sequel x Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Loved [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 10A 104 DJ Sequel x J Wess – Bang This [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Dirty] 4A 96 DJ Sequel x Janet Jackson – Call On Me [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Dirty] 3A 85 DJ Sequel x Toploader – Dancing In The Moonlight [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 6B 120 DJ Snake FT. Selena Gomez, Ozuna Y Cardi B – Taki Taki [DJ Stressy Remix] [Dirty Extended] 11A 100 DJ Surda x Bruno Mars – 24K Magic [Fraze Remix] [Dirty] 4A 110 DJ Surda x Coldplay – Orphans [Jack Wins Extended Remix] [Clean] 11A 125 DJ Surda x Coldplay – Orphans [Jack Wins Remix] [Clean] 11A 125 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Clean] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Dirty] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack [ProleteR Tribute Remix] [Clean] 1A 95 DJ Surda x Regard – Ride It [Chunky Dip Remix] [Clean] 6A 128 DJ Surda x Regard – Ride It [Damian Harrison Remix] [Clean] 10A 123 DJ Surda x VASSA – Like An Egyptian [Crazibiza Remix] [Clean] 2A 123 Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever [Sylk 130 Remix] [HH Clean Intro] 8B 102 Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever [Sylk 130 Remix] [HH Clean Short] 8B 102 Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever [Sylk 130 Remix] [Original Mix] 8B 102 Dropclusive – Moments [Club Edit] 4A 128 Dua Lipa – Physical [Bren F Remix] 8A 124 Dua Lipa – Physical [Bren F Remix] 8A 125 Eddie Amador – House Music [Low Steppa Remix] [Original Mix] 4A 123 El Alfa, Lil Pump, Vin Diesel, Sech Y Myke Towers – Coronao Now [Remix] [LeXeDIT Intro] [Dirty Extended] 1A 118 El Cherry Scom Y Kiko El Crazy FT. Ozuna – Baje Con Trenza [Remix] [LeXeDIT Break Edit] [Dirty Extended] 11A 123 El Tiger – Rumbera [DJ Nino Mix Remix] 6B 90 Endor – Pump It Up [Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Remix] 10A 125 Enur Vs. 50 Cent – Calabria Vs. In Da Club [Dero Edit] [Clean Extended] 11A 106 Everyone You Know – She Don’t Dance [Lost Frequencies Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 9A 121 Farruko FT. Bad Bunny – La Cartera [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 2A 88 Feid – Ven Pa Casa [RGT] [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 10A 90 Felix Jaehn & Mesto FT. Vcation – Never Alone [Angelo Huth Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 1B 126 Felix Jaehn FT. Calum Scott – Love On Myself [Keanu Silva Remix] 1A 126 Future FT. Kelly Rowland – Neva End Remix [Clean] 7A 68 Future FT. Kelly Rowland – Neva End Remix [Dirty] 7A 68 Gloria Trevi Y Monica Naranjo – Grande [Jesus Baez Remix] [Clean Extended] 8A 130 Greeicy, Mariah Y Darell – Aguardiente [Remix] [Chorus In] [Dirty Extended] 2B 160 Greeicy, Mariah Y Darell – Aguardiente [Remix] [Dirty] 2B 160 Greeicy, Mariah Y Darell – Aguardiente [Remix] [Intro Dirty] 2B 80 H.E.R. FT. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Chris Brown – Slide [Remix] [Clean] 5A 97 H.E.R. FT. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Chris Brown – Slide [Remix] [Dirty] 5A 97 H.E.R. FT. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Chris Brown – Slide [Remix] [Intro Clean] 5A 97 H.E.R. FT. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Chris Brown – Slide [Remix] [Intro Dirty] 5A 97 HouseCrusherzzz – Get Ready [Dualxess Remix Edit] 6B 128 Inna FT. Play & Win – INNdiA [Ciprian Robu Dubstep Dubstep Remix] 7A 78 Inna FT. Play & Win – INNdiA [DJ Turtle Remix Radio Edit] 7B 132 Inna FT. Play & Win – INNdiA [DJ Turtle Remix] 7B 132 Inna FT. Play & Win – INNdiA [Fork’n’Knife Remix] 7A 78 Inna FT. Play & Win – INNdiA [Salvatore Ganacci Remix] 7A 130 J Alvarez, Juhn Y Nio Garcia FT. Casper Magico – Nadie Lo Sabe [Remix] [Dirty] 5B 87 J Alvarez, Juhn Y Nio Garcia FT. Casper Magico – Nadie Lo Sabe [Remix] [Intro Dirty] 5B 87 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [Clean] 6A 99 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [DJ Rukus Acapella Out] [Clean] 6A 99 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [DJ Rukus Intro Edit] [Clean] 6A 99 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [Without Rap] [Clean] 6A 99 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [Without Rap] [DJ Rukus Acapela Out] [Clean] 6A 99 Jaheim FT. Nas – Just In Case [Remix] [Without Rap] [DJ Rukus Intro Edit] [Clean] 6A 99 Jessie Reyez – Love In The Dark [Dzeko Remix] [Clean] 10A 126 Jessie Reyez – Love In The Dark [The DJ Mike D Remix] [Clean] 10A 111 Jhay Cortez, J Balvin Y Bad Bunny – No Me Conoce [Remix] [Bpm Latino Slam Edit] [Dirty Extended] 3A 95 JLS – Hottest Girl In The World [Andi Durrant & Steve More Club Mix] 6A 126 JLS – Hottest Girl In The World [Bless Beats Remix] 4A 130 JLS – Hottest Girl In The World [DJ Fricktion Remix] 6A 100 Joe Bermudez – Teach Me [Oomloud Remix] [Radio Edit] 9A 126 Joe Bermudez – Teach Me [Oomloud Remix] 9A 126 Jonas Blue & HRVY – Younger [Club Mix] 6B 124 Jose Reyes, Lirico En La Casa Y Tommy Boysen FT. La Nueva Escuela – 5 Mujeres [Remix] [Chorus In] [Dirty Extended] 12A 120 Jose Reyes, Lirico En La Casa Y Tommy Boysen FT. La Nueva Escuela – 5 Mujeres [Remix] [Dirty] 12A 120 Jose Reyes, Lirico En La Casa Y Tommy Boysen FT. La Nueva Escuela – 5 Mujeres [Remix] [Intro Dirty] 12A 120 Julien Sabre – Swimming Places [Sabaudia Gabin Remix] 5B 126 Jurgen Vries – The Theme [Binary Finary Extended Remix] 7A 139 Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me [Ferry Corsten Remix] [DJ Cred Intro] 5A 130 Justin Bieber FT. Quavo – Intentions [Nikki x & $X-MasHH Remix] 11A 150 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliot – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Clean] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix – Clean] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Dirty] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole, Missy Elliot – Move Like A Snake [Remix Radio] 1A 100 KEHLI FT. Kid Eternal & Sam Ojo – One Last Kiss [Kingdom 93 Remix] [Clean Extended] 3A 126 KEHLI FT. Kid Eternal & Sam Ojo – One Last Kiss [Kingdom 93 Remix] [Clean Radio Edit] 3A 126 Kena & Jeesia – Paralyzed [Steve 80 Remix] 5A 150 Klaas – When We Were Still Young [Averro Remix] 11B 150 Komodo FT. Michael Shynes – Rush Of Blood [Johan K Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 5A 120 Labrinth – Treatment [Eyes Vs. Oliver Leonard Remix] 10A 70 Labrinth – Treatment [Julian Jordan Remix] 10A 128 Labrinth – Treatment [Kat Krazy Remix] 10A 126 Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [Ellis Remix] 5B 115 Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [Pink Panda Remix] [Intro Clean] 5A 128 Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin – We’re Forever [Dash Berlin Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 8A 128 Lana Del Rey – RIDE [14th Remix] 12A 116 Lana Del Rey – Ride [Active Child Remix] 8A 70 Lana Del Rey – Ride [Hugo Barritt Remix Dub] 8A 118 Lana Del Rey – Ride [Hugo Barritt Remix] 8A 118 Lana Del Rey – Ride [Photek Remix] 8A 104 Lana Del Rey – RIDE [Special Request Remix] 11B 68 Leventina – No Sleep [Croatia Squad Dub Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 11A 125 LIZOT & Nevve – Don’t Forget [Blaikz Remix] 10B 126 Lunay x Daddy Yankee Y Bad Bunny – Soltera [Remix DVJ Jego FT. DJ Extriim Acapella Version] 7A 92 Madeon – Finale [Netsky Remix] 12A 126 Madeon – Icarus [Fred V & Grafix Remix] 6A 125 Mahalia FT. Camron – What You Did [Remix] [Clean] 5A 125 Mahalia FT. Camron – What You Did [Remix] [Dirty] 5A 125 Mahalia, Cam’ron – What You Did [Remix Club] 5A 125 Mahalia, Cam’ron – What You Did [Remix Radio] 5A 125 Marc Korn & Jaycee Madoxx – Susanna [Klaas Remix] 1B 120 Marc Korn Jaycee Madoxx FT. The Mad Stuntman – Move Your Hands Up [Steve Modana Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 5A 128 Mark Johnstone – Freak My DAW – Myles Club Edit 6A 126 Maroon 5 – One More Night [Cosmic Dawn Club Mix] 4A 125 Maroon 5 – One More Night [Country Club Martini Remix] [DJ Cred Intro] 4A 128 Martin Garrix FT. JRM – These Are The Times [Dyro Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 1B 127 Martin Garrix, Dean Lewis – Used To Love [Bart B More Remix] 12B 126 Mauro Picotto – Lizard [Cosmic Gate Extended Remix] 4A 135 Mavado FT. Nicki Minaj – Give It All To Me [Overdrive Riddim] [Remix] [Clean] 9B 133

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2019.12.20 05:06 RemixBeat 8th Wonder Promo [19-December-2019]

Afro Nation FT. Slim Kofi, Ice Prince, Vanessa Mdee & KiDi – Wata Bam Bam [Dirty] 11A 96 Ala Jaza – Mujeriego [Clean] 6B 123 Alex Rose – Todos Ven [Clean] 4A 91 Alex Rose & Rafa Pabon – Jangueo [Clean] 1B 104 Alex Ubago – Ahora Que Tu No Me Ves [Clean] 4B 102 Alicai Harley – Tek It To Dem [Clean] 7A 98 Allie x FT. Troye Sivan – Love Me Wrong [Clean] 11A 97 Alonzo – Freestyle Vourra [Dirty] 11A 68 Amuse – Somebody Say Prayer [Original Mix] [Clean] 8A 124 Ana Mena Y Deorro – Se Te Olvido [Clean] 10A 90 Animal Feelings – Now Or Never [Clean] 9A 120 Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee Y Karol G FT. J Balvin Y Ozuna – China [Main] [Clean] 7A 105 Arcangel FT. Dimelo Flow & Sech – Sigues Con El [Clean] 1B 88 Ava Max – Salt [Clean] 2B 128 Baby Rasta Y Gringo – Evidencia [Clean] 6B 93 Bankroll Freddie, Young Dolph & Lil Baby – Drip Like Dis [Extend] [Clean] 4A 128 Bankroll Freddie, Young Dolph & Lil Baby – Drip Like Dis [Extend] [Dirty] 4A 128 Beck – Die Waiting [Clean] 5B 96 BigTril – Parte After Parte [Dirty] 8A 100 Billie Eilish – everything i wanted [Extend] [Clean] 11B 120 Blac Youngsta FT. DaBaby – Like A Pro [Extend] [Clean] 5A 82 Blac Youngsta FT. DaBaby – Like A Pro [Extend] [Dirty] 5A 83 Blueface, Gunz Lozano & Baldacci – Crazy Girls [Extend] [Dirty] 2A 110 Blxst & Bino Rideaux – Right Now [Dirty] 5B 102 Blxst & Bino Rideaux – Selfish [Dirty] 12A 100 Blxst & Bino Rideaux – Time [Dirty] 5A 100 Blxst & Bino Rideaux – Wake It Up [Dirty] 2A 98 Boogie Down Productions – South Bronx [Extend] [Clean] 7A 96 Boogie Down Productions – South Bronx [Extend] [Dirty] 7A 96 Breaking Benjamin FT. Scooter Ward – Far Away [Clean] 3B 54 Bryan Mg FT. Architrackz & Equalz – We Zetten Herres [Dirty] 6A 98 Bryant Myers – Lowkey [Dirty] 11A 90 Bryn – Lilly [Dirty] 3B 100 Camidoh FT. Medikal – All For You [Clean] 3B 105 Casper Magico FT. Rauw Alejandro – La Mas Linda [Clean] 10A 91 Charmes – You & Me [Radio Mix] [Clean] 4A 126 Chimbala & Kiko El Crazy – Damela [Dirty] 7A 118 Ciara FT. Lupita Nyong’o, Ester Dean, City Girls & LA LA – Melanin [Extend] [Dirty] 6A 130 City High – What Would You Do [Extend] [Clean] 8A 96 City High – What Would You Do [Extend] [Dirty] 8A 96 City High FT. Eve – Caramel [Trackmasters Remix] [Extend] [Clean] 5A 93 CJ Fly & Conway The Machine – City We From [Extend] [Clean] 4A 75 CJ Fly & Conway The Machine – City We From [Extend] [Dirty] 4A 75 Clandistino – Arrete [Dirty] 4A 122 Cobra Nero – Cade [Original Mix] [Clean] 8A 126 Da Youngsta’s – Hip Hop Ride [Clean] 4A 97 Dani Martin – La Mentira [Clean] 11A 85 Darassa FT. Harmonize – Yumba [Clean] 7A 100 Darell – No Vuelvas Mas [Dirty] 2A 95 Dave Richards – Love & Grace [Original Mix] [Clean] 11A 125 David Banner – Cadillac On 22’s [Extend] [Clean] 7B 73 Debi Nova Y Pedro Capo – Quedate [Clean] 2B 60 Diaz & Bruno FT. Zefanio, Makkie & Jayh – Meisje Je Weet [Dirty] 9A 98 Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind [Original Mix] [Dirty] 6A 123 Disturbed – Hold On To Memories [Clean] 6B 50 Don Cuba – Dandole Duro [Clean] 4B 148 Don Toliver – Can’t Feel My Legs [Dirty] 11A 70 Doums FT. Nekfeu & NAE – Ce Soir [Dirty] 3A 100 Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now [PeteDown Transition 100-124] [Clean] 10B 100 Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia [Clean] 7A 115 E.L FT. Stonebwoy, Medikal – Dadado [Clean] 5A 112 El Chuape & Kiko El Crazy – Galactico [Dirty] 8A 117 Elephant Man – Wap Bap [Clean] 8A 106 Elephant Man – Wap Bap [Dirty] 8A 106 Eno & Ezhel – Mon Ami [Dirty] 2A 77 Esko FT. Snelle – Omhoog [Dirty] 5B 94 Fat Joe & Dre – Deep [Extend] [Clean] 6A 80 Fat Joe & Dre – Deep [Extend] [Dirty] 6A 80 Fero47 – Daye [Dirty] 7A 68 Fero47 – Daye [Instrumental] [Clean] 7A 68 Filmore – Busy [Clean] 11B 78 Flatbush Zombies FT. Tech N9ne – Monica [Extend] [Dirty] 2A 79 Foxy Brown FT. Kelis – Candy [Dirty] 4A 98 Foxy Brown FT. Kelis – Candy [Instrumental] [Clean] 4A 98 Francisco Samuel – Fly By Night [Original Mix] [Clean] 3A 124 Free Nationals FT. Conway, Westside Gunn & Joyce Wrice – The Rivington [Dirty] 10A 70 Frizzo & Dean – Para [Clean] 8A 101 Gang Starr FT. Big Shug & Fredie Foxxx – The Militia [Pete Rock Remix] [Extend] [Clean] 9A 91 Gang Starr FT. Big Shug & Fredie Foxxx – The Militia [Pete Rock Remix] [Extend] [Dirty] 9A 91 Gianco L – Brave [Original Mix] [Clean] 1A 125 Gigi Lamayne – The Rap Up [2K19] [Clean] 9A 93 Gorillaz – DARE [Clean] 7A 120 Grandson – Happy Pill [Clean] 8B 68 Grandson – Oh No [Clean] 7A 81 Greeicy – Aguardiente [Clean] 10A 80 Gym Class Heroes FT. Patrick Stump – Clothes Off [Extend] [Clean] 2A 115 Gym Class Heroes FT. Patrick Stump – Clothes Off [Extend] [Dirty] 2A 115 Hannes Bieger FT. Francesca Lombardo – A Million Souls [Original Mix] [Dirty] 6A 126 happyharry – W8 For It [Main] [Clean] 7A 123 Harris J FT. Ard Adz & R.A – Dangerous [Clean] 4A 75 Harris J FT. Ard Adz & R.A – Dangerous [Dirty] 4A 75 House Of Pain – Who’s The Man [Extend] [Clean] 11A 95 House Of Pain – Who’s The Man [Extend] [Dirty] 11A 95 Ice Prince – Top Up [Clean] 8A 108 Iggy Azalea – Not Important [Extend] [Clean] 7A 98 Iggy Azalea – Not Important [Extend] [Dirty] 7A 98 Ir Sais – Dream Girl [Clean] 7A 85 Jay-Z – 30 Something [Extend] [Clean] 8A 92 Jay-Z – 30 Something [Extend] [Dirty] 8A 92 JoeyAK & Lijpe – In Die Life [Dirty] 1A 85 Jon Hester – Beatwave [Original Mix] [Clean] 11A 134 Jonas Blue & Tifa Chen – Billboard [Clean] 5A 104 Juice WRLD – Let Me Know [Dirty] 7A 63 Juice Wrld – Lucid Dreams [Forget Me] [Extend] [Clean] 11A 84 Juice Wrld – Lucid Dreams [Forget Me] [Extend] [Dirty] 11A 84 K7 – Come Baby Come [Clean] 1A 106 Kali Uchis – Solita [Clean] 4A 93 Kaytranada FT. Estelle – Oh No [Clean] 9A 106 KAYTRANADA FT. Mick Jenkins – Gray Area [Dirty] 4A 110 KAYTRANADA FT. Pharrell Williams – Midsection [Clean] 5A 104 KAYTRANADA FT. VanJess – Taste [Dirty] 10A 115 Kizz Daniel – Jaho [Clean] 2B 104 Klue – Coming Home [Original Mix] [Clean] 2A 120 Kolombo – I Represent Banana [Original Mix] [Dirty] 2A 124 Krampelli – Analog [Original Mix] [Clean] 1A 124 Kranium FT. Mahalia – Proud [Clean] 2A 96 Kranium FT. Mahalia – Proud [Dirty] 2A 96 Kranium FT. Mahalia – Proud [Instrumental] [Clean] 2A 96 Kwesta FT. Rick Ross – I Came I Saw [Clean] 2A 128 LadiPoe – Providence [Clean] 1A 121 Leven Kali FT. Smino & Topaz Jones – Homegirl [Clean] 4B 85 Leven Kali FT. Smino & Topaz Jones – Homegirl [Dirty] 4B 85 Lil Tecca – Why U Look Mad [Clean] 7A 68 Lil Tecca – Why U Look Mad [Dirty] 7A 68 Lil Tjay – Go In [Dirty] 8A 61 Loic Penillo – Drunk Enough [Clean] 7A 124 Louis The Child, Naomi Wild & Couros – Here Comes A Feeling [Clean] 3B 74 LunchMoney Lewis FT. Doja Cat – Make That Cake [Remix] [Clean] 6A 78 LunchMoney Lewis FT. Doja Cat – Make That Cake [Remix] [Dirty] 6A 78 Macklemore FT. Dan Caplen – It’s Christmas Time [Clean] 5A 85 Maitre Gims FT. DJ Assad & Dhurata Dora – Te Quiero [Clean] 12A 95 Maldita Nerea – Extraordinario [Clean] 7B 99 Max Wallin & MC PR – Ponta [Dirty] 4A 100 MC Hariel – Bica Na Canela [Dirty] 8A 85 MGMT – In The Afternoon [Clean] 2B 115 Miss Caffeina Y Varry Brava – Danceteria [Aqui Nadie Sabe Tu Nombre] [Clean] 1A 120 Mitchy Slick & Larry June – Before Rap [Clean] 11A 63 Moe Phoenix – In SHA ALLAH [Dirty] 1A 105 Mook – I Can Teach You [Clean] 7B 83 Mook – I Can Teach You [Dirty] 7B 83 Mook – Vibes [Clean] 11A 83 Mook – Vibes [Dirty] 11A 83 Moonwalk – Elessar [Original Mix] [Clean] 1A 124 Ms Banks FT. Tiggs Da Author – Phoney [Dirty] 10A 102 Mulatto – Latto [Dirty] 7A 70 Mura Masa FT. Slowthai – Deal Wiv It [Dirty] 1A 142 Mxmtoon – Seasonal Depression [Clean] 6B 78 Myke Towers – Rutina [Clean] 2A 96 Nappy & Burna Boy – Aye [Clean] 7A 113 Nappy & Burna Boy – Aye [Dirty] 7A 113 Nicole Bus – Mr. Big Shot [Clean] 5B 97 Nicole Bus – Rain [Clean] 7A 84 NLE Choppa – Camelot [Extend] [Clean] 10B 88 NLE Choppa – Camelot [Extend] [Dirty] 8A 88 NLE Choppa FT. Yo Gotti, BlocBoy JB, Moneybagg Yo – Camelot [Remix] [Extend] [Clean] 9B 87 NLE Choppa FT. Yo Gotti, BlocBoy JB, Moneybagg Yo – Camelot [Remix] [Extend] [Dirty] 9B 87 Novi Nivo FT. KAICHI – Habanera [Dirty] 3A 103 Onyx – Shifftee [Acapella] [Clean] 6A 98 Onyx – Shifftee [Clean] 6A 98 Onyx – Shifftee [Instrumental] [Clean] 6A 98 Oxlade FT. Reekado Banks – Craze [Clean] 7A 110 Ozuna – Hasta Que Salga El Sol [PeteDown Moombahton Remix] [Clean] 12A 96 Ozuna – Hasta Que Salga El Sol [PeteDown Moombahton Remix] [Quick Hit] [Clean] 12A 96 Ozuna, Anuel AA Y Snoop Dogg – Patek [Clean] 8B 70 Paloma Mami – Mami [Clean] 1A 95 Pappy Kojo FT. Sarkodie, Kiddblack – Uomo [Clean] 12A 130 PK – Quando A Vontade Bater [Dirty] 4A 150 PK Delas FT. MC Roge – Visao Da B [Dirty] 12B 150 Pleasure P – Boyfriend No. 2 [Extend] [Clean] 5B 70 Poke FT. Mensa – OH MAN [Dirty] 5A 129 Poke FT. Mensa – OH MAN [Instrumental] [Clean] 5A 129 Pop Smoke FT. Calboy – 100K On A Coupe [Clean] 5A 74 Pop Smoke FT. Calboy – 100K On A Coupe [Dirty] 5A 74 Poppy – Fill The Crown [Clean] 8A 112 Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli – 50 Reasons Why [Dirty] 9A 100 Prince Royce Y Zion Y Lennox – Trampa [Clean] 6A 100 PROBASS & HARDI – Mantra [Original Mix] [Dirty] 9A 105 Raf Marchesini & D Amico & Valax Vs. Gabin – Doo Uap [Clean] 4A 126 Razko – Up & Down [Clean] 11A 126 Reekado Banks FT. Lavaud – Rora [Remix] [Clean] 6A 92 Reykon – Perriando [Clean] 7A 90 Rich The Kid FT. Quavo – That’s Tuff [Extend] [Clean] 4A 138 Rich The Kid FT. Quavo – That’s Tuff [Extend] [Dirty] 4A 138 Rim’K – Turbo [Dirty] 7A 70 RIN FT. Sido & Luciano – Vintage [Remix] [Dirty] 5A 80 Riton – Mr Todd Terry [Clean] 7A 120 Robbie Rivera & Dreamfreak – One [Clean] 7A 124 Robin Thicke FT. Pharrell Williams – Wanna Love You Girl [Clean] 8A 116 Ronnie Flex – Heimwee [Dirty] 7A 75 Rotimi FT. Afro B – Mega Love [Clean] 1A 100 Rotimi FT. Afro B – Mega Love [Dirty] 1A 100 Rotimi FT. Wale – In My Bed [Clean] 5A 104 Rotimi FT. Wale – In My Bed [Dirty] 5A 104 Rudosa – 20th Century [Original Mix] [Clean] 5A 133 Ryan Hurd – Half Hoping [Clean] 10B 78 Sam Fender – Will We Talk! [Dirty] 3B 102 Samra – 95 Bpm [Dirty] 9A 95 Samuel Zamora, Yered Ponce – No Other Way [Original Mix] [Clean] 1A 128 Sevn Alias FT. Kevin – Back 2 Back [Dirty] 5A 92 Show Dem Camp FT. Burna Boy – True Story [Clean] 12A 102 Show Dem Camp FT. Tems – Tales by Moonlight [Clean] 8A 97 Sia – Santas Coming For Us [Extend] [Clean] 3A 93 Siggno – Yo Te Amo [Clean] 11B 84 Silvestre Dangond – Vallenato Apretao [Clean] 5A 90 Slim Kofi – Live It Up [Dirty] 12A 90 Smokepurpp – Audi II [Extend] [Dirty] 2A 70 SneakThePiper FT. Stunna 4 Vegas – Cream On Her Top [Dirty] 9A 66 Social Club Misfits FT. Austin French – Enough [Clean] 8B 84 Social Club Misfits FT. Austin French – Enough [Instrumental] [Clean] 8B 84 StarBoy FT. Blaq Jerzee & Wizkid – Blow [Clean] 11A 101 StarBoy FT. Wizkid & Chronixx – Jam [Clean] 4A 94 StarBoy FT. Wizkid & DJ Tunez – Cover Me [Clean] 5A 100 Statik Selektah & Paul Wall FT. Haile Supreme & Nems – Part Of The Game [Extend] [Clean] 1A 78 Statik Selektah & Paul Wall FT. Haile Supreme & Nems – Part Of The Game [Extend] [Dirty] 1A 78 Statik Selektah & Paul Wall FT. Termanology & MIA Jae – Are You Willin [Extend] [Clean] 9A 86 Statik Selektah & Paul Wall FT. Termanology & MIA Jae – Are You Willin [Extend] [Dirty] 9A 86 StayLoose & Last Heroes FT. Soundr – Wont Look Back [Main] [Clean] 1B 94 Stormzy FT. Aitch – Pop Boy [Dirty] 9A 110 Stormzy FT. Headie One – Audacity [Dirty] 5A 67 Talking Heads – Burning Down The House [Clean] 6A 103 Tapesh & Chemical Surf – Dogs [Original Mix] [Dirty] 11A 122 TaShan – Tik Tok [Dirty] 10A 114 Terrace Martin FT. The Martin Family Trio – The Deuce [Clean] 6A 68 Teyana Taylor – We Got Love [Extend] [Clean] 8A 93 The Cratez FT. Luciano & Kontra K – Himmel Grau [Dirty] 9A 94 The Organism – Glossolalia [Original Mix] [Clean] 1B 123 The Rolling Stones – You Can’t Always Get What You Want [Clean] 8B 89 The Roots FT. Tish Hyman – Feel It [You Got It] [Clean] 5A 79 The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There [Clean] 8B 102 Theophilus London – Cuba [Clean] 12A 103 Tonal Grooves – Make Me Dance [Original Mix] [Clean] 2A 124 Trap Beckham – Litty Christmas [Extend] [Clean] 2B 100 Trap Beckham – Litty Christmas [Extend] [Dirty] 2B 100 Travis Barker FT. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – Gimme Brain [Dirty] 7A 93 Trobi – Looking For Somebody [Clean] 4B 108 Troy Cartwright – My First Beer [Clean] 4B 72 Umu Obiligbo – Uto Uwa [Clean] 11A 86 Upchurch & Katie Noel – Hey Boy Hey Girl [Clean] 5A 70 UTFO – Roxanne, Roxanne [Extend] [Clean] 4A 100 Vegedream – Mes Doutes [Dirty] 5A 110 Vice Menta – Fusilando Tus Memorias [Clean] 11B 77 Warhol.SS & Ugly God – Top Off [Dirty] 4A 90 Wow 30 – La Chinita [Dirty] 9A 118 Xpollo – Orbital [Main] [Clean] 9A 122 XxxTentacion FT. Tory Lanez & Mavado – Hot Gyal [Clean] 9A 100 XxxTentacion FT. Tory Lanez & Mavado – Hot Gyal [Dirty] 9A 100 Yandel FT. Sebastian Yatra, Manuel Turizo, Wisin & Farruko – En Cero [Remix] [Clean] 11B 93 Yxng Bane FT. K27 – Maximum [Remix] [Dirty] 11B 104 Zach Gill & Mimi Naja [of Fruition – Sleigh Ride [Main] [Clean] 7B 135 Zion Y Lennox – Sistema [Clean] 10B 87

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2016.02.10 05:19 migvelio I [25/m] had a one weird night stand with [26/f] and I'm not sure what to do now.

Hi everyone! First, let me apologize. English is not my native language.
I'm new in this city so I barely have acquaintances. Last Saturday a friend asked me to drink with his girlfriend, his girlfriend's best friend (which we will call Laura) and his sister.
We went drinking on a nice pub and we drank Aguardiente (it's a strong liquor made of sugarcane, very popular around here). My friend and his girlfriend were trying to hook me up with Laura in a not-so-subtle way. So, we we drank like three bottles and a beer, so we were kinda drunk at the end of the night. I could feel the pressure to hook with Laura and well, I was drunk and she is cute so...
We ended up in my friend's girlfriend apartment (his sister went to her home), it turned out Laura lived next door, but for some reason we couldn't go to her place. So we ate some sandwiches and went to bed in another bedroom. Laura and I had sex, but for me it was the most awkward sex I've ever had, and besides I never liked the idea of having sex with a person I barely know, but in the end I liked it.
The next day we had sex again, but I was really nervous. I mean, I never did this before and I am afraid of commitments, specially in this moment in my life. I was nervous because the week before my friend told me she uses to fall in love easily. I was nervous because that morning she told me she has two kids (that's why we couldn't go to her place next door) and she started to show that she was really into me.
I told her I don't want to get romantically involved to anyone right now and I was afraid she would want that. She told me she was just offering her friendship even though she really wanted to have sex for the third time. Well, she really, really enjoyed the sex, I didn't enjoyed that much to be honest.
Now she is writing me all the time showing a lot of interest in me and inviting me to go out this week. And to be honest, I don't feel attraction to her even though she is beautiful and she is my type. But the thing is I'm too polite to avoid her and too shy to show disinterest because I really want to be her friend, but she likes me a lot for what it seems.
Wow! Writing this is really cathartic. I think I will go out with her this week and if I still don't feel anything, I will tell her that I don't feel comfortable with that kind of attention and well, I'm not even interested with sex (in fact, I've never felt comfortable with women giving me too much attention unless I am in a relationship with her).
What do you people think? I want to read your opinions, this kind of thing is new to me and I feel lonely because I'm too ashamed to ask my friends about this yet.
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